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Our Comprehensive Services

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Our Selection Includes:



Exquisite Exterior Wash
Hand Wash & Dry Exterior • Clean & Dress Tires & Rims

Exquisite Interior & Exterior Wash
Hand Wash & Dry • Clean & Dress Tires • Remove Light Bugs & Tar
Vacuum Interior • Dust Dash • Clean Glass Inside & Out

Exquisite Express Detailing

  • Hand Wash & Dry Exterior
  • Clean & Dress Tires & Rims
  • Remove Light Bugs & Tar
  • Vacuum Interior
  • Clean Glass Inside & Out
  • Wheel Well Wash
  • Moderate Bugs & Tar
  • Steam Clean Front Floor Mats
  • Wipe Down All Door Jambs
  • Dust Dash & Console
  • Apply Professional Grade Wax
  • Polish to High Gloss Finish
Exquisite Detailing
  • Hand Wash & Dry Exterior
  • Clean & Dress Tires & Rims
  • Remove Light Bugs & Tar
  • Vacuum Interior - (Including Storage Area)
  • Clean Glass Inside & Out
  • Wheel Well Wash
  • Polish All Chrome
  • Moderate Bugs & Tar
  • Engine Wash & Dressing
  • Steam Cleaning                       
  • Apply Professional Grade Wax
  • All Carpets & Upholstery Steam Cleaned
  • CD Player / DVD Media Cleaning
  • Painted Surface Decontamination (Clay Bar)
  • Professional Polishing for Showroom Shine
    Door Panels & Consoles Cleaned & Dressed
  • Consoles & Vents Cleaned & Dressed
  • Plastics & Vinyls Cleaned & Dressed
  • Odor Removal & Scent Spray
  • Site Preparation / Site Cleanup
*(Heavily Soiled Interior, Leather, Heavy Oxidation May Incur an Extra Charge)


Exquisite Outside Wash & Wax-

  • Hand Wash & Dry Exterior
  • Clean & Dress Tires & Rims
  • Clean Exterior Glass
  • Wheel Well Wash
  • Apply Professional Grade Wax
  • Polish to High Gloss Finish
  • Professional Polishing for Showroom Shine
  • Polish Exterior Chrome
  • Light Bugs & Tar Removal
  • Site Preparation / Site Cleanup

Additional Exquisite Services

Fabric Protection

Ragtop Restoration

Headlamp Restoration

Window Tinting

Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film (A.K.A. Clear Bra)

 Lease Returns
Boats ,Planes,Enclosed Cargo Trailers, Bath Tubs, Yachts,Buses,Trucks,Mobile Homes,


 Decal Removal, Fallout, Scratches,Paint Touchups

CAR SALES .We will Clean and Detail your vehicle and help you SELL it on our website for free. If you have no digital camera we will be glad to take your vehicle pictures for you.Call or email for more information.

Our Competitive Prices:  Please call or request a quote for Prices

Exquisite Outside  Wash Package







Exquisite Express Detailing Package

  • Auto
  • Pickup or SUV
  • Boat or Yacht
  • Mini-Buses -Buses
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Trucks

     Exquisite Detailing Package
  • Small Cars-
  • Other Vehicles- Size & Service

Exquisite Outside Wash & Wax Package 

  • Auto
  • Pickup or SUV
  • Boat or Yacht
  • Mini-Buses -Buses
  • Motorcycle 
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Truck - Truck Trailer
  • Auto
  • Large Car or Small Pickup
  • Pickup or Small SUV
  • Large Pickup or SUV
  • Mini-Vans
  • Buses
  • Trucks

    Exquisite Inside & Outside Wash Package
  • Auto
  • Pickup or SUV


Other Exquisite Service Packages: POWER WASHING
Power Washing Decks, Walls, Grafitti, Kerbs,Drive Ways,Gutters, Stains,Mold-

Vehicle Window Tinting- Cost based on # of Windows

Exquisite Gift Certificates 

Birthdays ,Valentines ,Christmas, Employee Awards,Customer Appreciation, Fund Raising Golf Tournaments, Kwanzaa

Send Free Exquisite Greeting & Holiday Cards .We offer Gift Certificates for all occasions. We work with big corporations and small businesses. Call, email or Chat to us for any Gift Certificates requests.

Pickup and Delivery Available • Fully Licensed and Insured

The Mobile Advantage

The ultimate in service and convenience, our automotive detailing services are available anywhere you need them. Top-quality car care no longer means having to sacrifice your weekends or take time out of your busy day. Our mobile detailing services come to you, equipped with everything we need to provide impeccable detailing on the spot.

The trained automotive detailers at Exquisite Mobile Auto Detailing treat every vehicle as if it is their own. It is this consistent diligence and concern with each client we undertake that has made us a leader in the field of full-service automotive detailing. Our top-quality products and services encompass everything you'd expect from a professional detailer and much, much more.                  

We provide Car-Wash and Detailing Services in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Washington-DC and all points between.

Our Steam Cleaning or Vapor Steam Cleaning service for auto interiors, engine and carpets provide a clean and sterilized conditions for vehicles and ensure your auto is clean and free from disease causing germs and micro-organisms.

We work with Insurance companies, body shops, car dealerships, non-profit organizations, businesses, home maintenance organizations, civic associations, and individuals to provide exquisite auto care services.

'Yes, We Come to You'

 OUR CUSTOMERS Customers Vehicles Photo Gallery

(Before & After Detailing)

  Mention to our customers that you found them on our website for possible credit!

  We provide our mobile services to many residences in the quad state area.

Call , E-mail , Fax or Talk Live to us and  try our services today

A fleet of work trucks after receiving full-service automotive detailing
Residential and Commercial
From your personal pride and joy to your business's fleet, a polished automobile helps project your finest image. No job is too big or too small for the experts at Exquisite Mobile Auto Detailing and any type of vehicle is sure to benefit from our top-of-the-line services and skills.

Discover the Difference
Experts say a well cared for vehicle lasts longer and is easier to maintain. An unsullied engine can help detect potential problems and perform preventative maintenance, while a clean exterior and interior prevent unnecessary wear from both the elements and frequent use. Get the most life and enjoyment out of your automobile with comprehensive care from professionals you can trust.
The key to a car we've just provided with full-service automotive detailing

 Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let us help
you realize your vehicle's full potential.


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