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Exquisite Mobile Auto Detail are true professional on-site car wash & auto detailing specialists taking auto care to the highest level. Our Mobile ability makes it very convenient for busy auto owners who have less time to take their autos to the traditional detail shops. We provide services to homes, businesses, corporations and individuals with personalized customer service and attention to detail.

We have been providing auto car wash & detailing services for 10 years in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

We are fully licensed and insured and provide Car Wash & Detail services to Autos, Boats, Yachts, Rv's, Motor Cycles, Trucks, Mobile Homes, Truck Trailers, Limousines, SUV's, Airplanes and Buses...

We're Green!

Exquisite cares about the environment. 90% of our products are 100% biodegradable and we have the MSDS sheets (Material Safety Data Sheets) to prove it!

We PRESSURE WASH Houses, Walls, Drains, Gutters, Drive Ways, Graffiti, Decks, and Curbs.

We will also clean spills and fallout. We use the latest equipment, proved techniques and experienced specialists.

'Yes, We Come to You'

Consumer beware of any company that offers "add-on" services because it is not usually their core competency or specialty. Most professional detailers only detail cars. Reason being, a true detail consists of meticulous cleaning; professional swirl free polishing and protection of surfaces. Most less expensive, add-on detail programs simply cover dirt with shiny greasy solvent-based dressings. This not only traps the dirt inside but the solvents in many of these dressings actually damage the surfaces. In addition, most professional detailers are trained to use the equipment to get a desired look.

Think about this. When shopping around for someone to detail your vehicle, what are some important things that matter to you? Is the price of the service? The length of time the service takes? How professional does the website look? Are the people I'm talking to knowledgeable about the services they offer?

No matter how good the answer is to any of the above questions, it still does not mean the services performed are very good.

Some detailers that market themselves as professionals, when in reality are no better then a drive through wash. Most of the time they are not insured, work with no business license nor professional training. This puts you, the customer, in huge risk of paying thousands of dollars for damage, or court fees in a law suit, as there is no way of proving they did the damage, or even cleaned your vehicle, because of the cash payment always required.

Don’t let an inexperienced detailer practice and make mistakes with your vehicle.