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The Mobile Advantage

The ultimate in service and convenience, our automotive detailing services are available anywhere you need them. Top-quality car care and maintenance no longer means having to sacrifice your weekends or take time out of your busy day. Whether you have 3 or 300 vehicles, Exquisite Mobile Auto Detail can keep them looking GREAT year round! Our mobile detailing services come to you, equipped with everything we need to provide impeccable detailing on the spot.

Fleet / Dealership Services

Exterior Wash
Hand Wash & Dry • Clean & Dress Tires & Rims • Exterior Compound • Vacuum Interior • Clean Glass Inside & Out

Weekly, Bi-Monthly, or Monthly. We'll keep you clean for less!!!

We can customize a solution for your businesses needs and keep your fleet looking it's best!

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People at Dealership

We work with Auto Insurance companies, auto body shops, car dealerships, non-profit organizations, large corporations, and individuals to provide exquisite auto care services.


Our Spot Free Water Washing System:

Spot Free Water is Eco-Friendly; it has no chemicals or additives

Our water systems do not leave hard water or mineral deposits on any surfaces

Our Low-Pressure delivery system is very surface friendly: it does not damage any surfaces
Exterior Window Cleaning
Requires no squeegee
Spot and streak free in direct sunlight
No soaps or residues left on window cleaning surface
Windows stay cleaner longer. There is no soap film to turn hazy, to attract dust and dirt or to leave streaks, smears, and hazing.

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