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Fleet Washing 

We use biodegradable products.

"Smart Savings"
Keep your commercial vehicles clean while saving time and labor costs! We bring the car wash to you in our fully equipped fleet washing vehicle filled with "Spot Free" deionized water.

"The Exquisite Fleet Difference"
Exquisite's Fleet Wash thoroughly cleans your fleet and won't miss the spots conventional washes do. We mandate quality work and that's why Exquisite is the number one commercial fleet washing company in the area. 

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Exquisite Fleet Services

10% OFF
(New Accounts Only)
This coupon is good for the percentage off regularly priced fleet Services only. Offer applies to total qualifying purchase on a single service. Valid on services for (10) or more Vehicles’.
Not good in combination with any other coupons or offers.

Let us show you why You should be with Exquisite.

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Annual Savings Analysis

Off-site washes cost an additional $12+
...In gas, labor and Mileage per vehicle!

Direct Savings, Labor and Overhead Costs

10 Vehicle Fleet = $4,399 annual savings, 372 hours per vehicle = $439 annual savings, 37 hours per wash = $ 8.32 savings per wash

Gas 14 mile round trip at 16 City MPG at $4.50 per gallon
10 vehicle fleet = $2,048 annual savings per vehicle = $204 annual savings per wash = $3.94 savings per wash

Hidden savings, mileage and value
Save $$$ or tires, breaks, wear and tear (Increase your residual lease or resale value)
10 vehicle fleet = 7,280 annual miles saved per vehicle = 728 annual miles saved.

*Using the IRS 2010 figure of $0.505 per mile for vehicle cost with the same assumption above is $15.55 with labor before the cost of the wash!
We save you money & reduce risk!!!

Clean Fleet

Spotless Rinse Power Wash   

Starting at only $3.75 

For Newer light-duty vehicles or a low-cost means of keeping heavy used vehicles cleaner.

*Pressure wash Wheels and Tires
*Pressure wash and rinse body
***Add wheel degrease and surface pretreated option

Clean Dump Trucks

Exterior Only Wash

Starting at only $9.75
Replace gas station washes that fail at cleaning wheels and key areas. Automated systems can result in scratches and damage to accessories & vehicle logos.

*Spot free pressure wash and rinse
*Degrease wheels and pre-treat trouble spots
*Soft brush hand wash with soap & wax
*Exterior window and mirror cleaning
***Add tire dressing and interior window cleaning option


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